Tax Lien IRAs

Tax Lien IRA – FAQ

  • Can I invest in Tax liens or Tax deeds using my IRA?
    Answer: YES! So called "Tax Lien IRA's" are available to you…

  • What is the advantage of using IRA funds as compared to making the same investment using my Personal Funds?
    Answer: When using personal funds the earnings are taxable in the current period. As you can earn a great deal of money from a Tax Lien investment the income tax bill can be quite large. However, if you invest using the funds from a Tax Lien IRA all earning are tax deferred till you decide take a distribution (with a ROTH IRA there will never be an income tax)

  • What type of IRA is best for investing in Tax Liens?
    As most Tax Liens are sold at auction. you will want a Self Directed IRA account that provides you with fast access to your IRA funds. You may want to consider a Checkbook IRA as the account for your Tax Lien IRA investing. Checkbook IRAs make investing at an auction very simple and quick and very low cost.

  • If I use IRA funds must I invest only in my State?
    There is no restriction on the location of the Lien in your Tax Lien IRA.

  • What happens if the owner of the property does not pay the lien and goes into default?
    Your Tax Lien IRA will be granted title to the property and may keep or dispose of the property. Remember all the earnings from disposing of the property will be income tax deferred till you choose to take a distribution.


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