Self Employed IRA

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High Contribution IRA accounts for the Self Employed


Business Man Congress allows almost wage earning Americans the ability to save for their future on a tax deferred basis by using an IRA account.

Bonus: If you are Self Employed, Congress allows you to set aside far more than the typical wage earner. Congress established the "Simplified Employee Pension IRA" commonly called the SEP IRA for self employed individuals. By opening a SEP IRA you may contribute up to 25% of your annual earnings (adjusted) up to $49,000 each year in a SEP IRA, all tax deferred.


- Are Flexible
- Require no time to administer
- Cost no more than a typical IRA
- Require no special IRS filings


With a "SEP Checkbook IRA" you will have all the above advantages plus total Checkbook control of your IRA.
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