Self Directed Custodial IRA

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Standard Self Directed IRA
(Also Know as an "Alternative Asset IRA" Account)

self directed bannerAn IRA Club Standard Self Directed IRA ( Alternative Asset IRA Account) is low cost and easy to open. This type of Self Directed IRA is perfect for common
Alternative IRA Investments. Such as:

  • Private Placements
  • Making loans to credit worthy borrows
  • Buying discounted notes
  • Tax Liens Funds
  • Investing in a Syndications
  • Precious metals
  • Options and futures accounts
  • And much more



In addition to the above a Standard Self Directed IRA account can be used for investing in:  

  • Investment Real Estate of all types
  • Individual Tax Liens
  • And much more


YSelf Directed IRAour Self Directed IRA can even:

  • Partner with other IRA accounts to make larger investments
  • Invest offshore


What types of Self Directed IRA can you open at The IRA Club?

  • Traditional Self Directed IRA
  • ROTH        Self Directed IRA
  • Simple       Self Directed IRA (for self employed)
  • SEP           Self Directed IRA (for self employed)


Where does the money for a new Self Directed IRA come from?

  • Transfers from other IRA accounts you already own
  • Transfers for a 401(k) or similar plan
  • Transfer from an Inherited IRA
  • Annual Contributions


The IRA Club offers:Self Directed IRA

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Unlimited growth with no maximum limit to your account size
  • Never a percentage fee base on the size of your account
  • Low cost
  • Free Allowable transaction review


FDIC Insurance:

  • All non-invested funds in your IRA Account are insured to $250,000 by the FDIC


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